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Hi, Carlos,

Thanks for your quick reply.
I have write the topic at the end of note.

See if it’s ready to review.

Ding Dong

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Hi, Ding Dong!

Currently, promoting several shares by their group is not implemented in Manila. I've realized you have searched for some references in the share groups documentation and this may not be the thing you're searching for.
I've talked with Goutham today about this case and we have a possible solution for this. You can achieve this behavior by implementing an extra-spec for groups, in order to allow groups to be replicated. Then, introduce a "promote" API which will make you able to promote your groups. In this way, if the driver implements group replication, it will be able to request the creation of a new share server on the share network subnet for each new group of shares. So replicas will ble able to failover together when the share group replica get promoted.
To implement it, we think that a good starting point is to write down a spec with the proposed changes.
You can bring this discussion up in our virtual PTG as well. If you want to, please add a topic in [1].


Carlos Silva.

Em seg., 25 de nov. de 2019 às 15:56, <Dong.Ding at<mailto:Dong.Ding at>> escreveu:

Hi,  experts,

I'm trying to implement the share replication feature for EMC Unity Manila driver.

Unity isn’t capable to promote a single share. The share must be promoted together with its share server.

The problem is that we have several shares exported from one single server. So, promoting a share will cause all shares being promoted.

My question is that is there any solution to promote several shares as they are in a group?

I was trying to find something useful about ‘manila group replication’ ,only find Ocata Doc mentioned it, but no detail information:

And there is no code or commit history matches ‘group replication’ in Manila.

Do you have any suggestions for our situation?


Ding Dong

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