AW: [gnocchi][telemetry][ceilometer][cloudkitty] Gnocchi unmaintained

Matthias Runge mrunge at
Tue Nov 19 19:26:29 UTC 2019

On 19/11/2019 11:56, Rong Zhu wrote:
> I am sorry to the telemetry project happened before, but now current
> telemetry core team had decided to add ceilometer api and mongodb
> support and cpu_utils support back. Gnoochi will still support as the
> backed. All the mentioned database (influxdb, ES....), we would happy
> everyone to submit patches to support as the database backed in ceilometer.
> I created a storyboard to track ceilometer Ussuri release todo things in
> [0]. Free free to add things you want to do in Ussuri release.
> Due to I will have a vacation this week, I can't hold this week's
> meeting, we can discuss more in the next irc meeting at 5 Dec 2:00 UTC.
> [0]!/board/205
> Luka Peschke <luka.peschke at
> <mailto:luka.peschke at>>于2019年11月19日 周二18:24写道:


tbh, I am surprised to see the telemetry team trying to roll back to
something, which is known to cause a lot of performance issues. There
were good reasons for splitting ceilometer into several components.

There were lots of good ideas and suggestions already shared in this
thread. My proposal here would be to keep ceilometer as is (as data
collecting agent) and to write missing glue to digest or send data to a
time-series database, like InfluxDB or Prometheus (plus many more
options, not mentioned here).

If I remember correctly, MongoDB was deprecated because of the issues it
caused and also because it was removed from Linux distributions, since
there were the licensing issues.


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