[oslo][i18n][pbr] get_available_languages() always only returns ['en_US']

info at dantalion.nl info at dantalion.nl
Sat Nov 16 09:36:32 UTC 2019


Across several projects I have noticed that both with unit tests or
while the service is running calling olso_i18n.get_available_languages()
only returns ['en_US'] (which is inserted as default). Even though the
projects I have tested this on have several languages available in the
locale directory.

Calling any of the python setup.py extract_messages / compile_catalog /
update_catalog / install commands does not solve this. However, when I
manually copy the .mo files into /usr/share/locale/**/LC_MESSAGES it
works as expected.

My questions are:
Surely there must be a less manual method to properly install all locale
files but what is it?

Why aren't the locale files installed by pbr when python setup.py
install is called?

I hope anyone knows the answers to these questions.

Kind regards,
Corne Lukken (Dantali0n)

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