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Thu Nov 14 05:53:13 UTC 2019

Hello Team 


  Good Day 


I am Deepa from Fingent Global Solutions and we are a big fan of Openstack
and we do have 4 + openstack setup (including production)

We have deployed Openstack using juju and Maas .So when we check for backup
feasibility other than cinder-backup we were able to see

Freezer Project. But couldn't find any charms for it in juju charms. Also
there isn't a clear documentation on how to install freezer . No proper
release notes in the latest version as well.

Can you please tell me whether this project is in developing state? Whether
charms will be added to juju in future.

Can you also share a proper documentation on how to install Freezer in
cluster setup.


Thanks for your help.



Deepa K R

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