Keystone user ID case sensitivity issue

PARSONS, CLIFF cp769u at
Wed Nov 13 23:07:17 UTC 2019

Hello everyone!

My organization has a need to make the user name/ID retrieval from Heat template to be case insensitive.  For example: suppose we already have a user in keystone, "xyz123".  Then we have a client that creates a heat stack containing a UserRoleAssignment resource, in which the user was specified as "XYZ123".  The user would not be found in the Keystone database (due to Keystone user IDs being case sensitive) and the role assignment would not occur.

Either Keystone could be changed so that its users are treated case insensitive, or we could make the change to heat (Heat KeystoneClientPlugin class) like in so that it converts to lower case before querying keystone. Can I get some thoughts on this? Would something like this be acceptable at all? Would we need to make it configurable, and if we did, would that be acceptable?

Thanks in advance for your thoughts/concerns/suggestions.

Thank you,
Cliff Parsons
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