[nova][ptg] PCI refactoring needs and a strawman proposal inside

Sylvain Bauza sbauza at redhat.com
Tue Nov 12 10:51:16 UTC 2019

Based on some Forum discussions, we had a de facto conversation at the Nova
PTG about any potential things we could do for helping our operators, but
also potentially Cyborg since they use the PCI passthrough capabilities.

The feedback from ops (thanks mnaser) was that PCI passthrough works pretty
smoothly but there are some ugly issues where we could improve the UX.

The agreement in the room was, at least for Ussuri, to start collecting
some ideas on how we could model Placement usage for PCI devices and also
write motivations for such things in a spec.
We also agreed on a smooth upgrade plan where PCITracker would still be
present for a couple of releases until we're able to close the feature gap.

Bauzas volunteered for drafting the spec and gibi, stephenfin and bauzas
started to sketch up the Placement modeling on a whiteboard, picture to be
shared in a follow-up.
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