[nova][ptg] Expose auto converge and post copy

wang.ya wang.ya at 99cloud.net
Mon Nov 11 02:42:35 UTC 2019


* The original method(expose the auto converge/post copy in image properties/flavor extra specs) exposed features of hypervisor layer directly, and it affects scheduling. Therefore, it's not  appropriate.
* The new method is add a new parameter: "no-performance-impact". If the parameter set during live migrate, the libvirt driver will disable the auto converge and post copy functions.
   User can tag their instances as "no performance impact" in instance metadata or somewhere else, operator can check the tag to decide whether add the parameter before live migrate.

I will write a new spec to describe these in detail :)

Best Regards

On 2019/11/11, 12:15 AM, "Balázs Gibizer" <openstack-discuss-bounces+wang.ya=99cloud.net at lists.openstack.org on behalf of balazs.gibizer at est.tech> wrote:

    spec: https://review.opendev.org/#/c/687199
    There was multiple discussion during the PTG around this. I think at 
    the end mdbooth and yawang found a possible solution that they liked 
    and sounded OK to me too. Unfortunately the etherpad was not updated 
    and my memory is bad enough that I cannot gather what was the exact 
    yawang: could you please post a short summary here and / or simply 
    update the spec with the discussed solution?

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