ephemeral dics storage

Immo Wetzel immo.wetzel at adtran.com
Wed Nov 6 22:37:28 UTC 2019

Gday mates,

We do run a pike installation and do run into a problem with the ephemeral discs. As written these are on one side the common way for normal VMs to create a disk as long as the vm exists.
On the other side these are stored on local discs. But these are usually not the fastest way and therefore the documentation said that in production environments, which we are going to be, these should be stored on shared spaces too. Like a SAN.
I found some descriptions how to use ceph for locale storage via rbd backend but we don't use ceph. Each compute node has an FC connection which is used via cinder for the volumes.
So what would be the recommendation to use ephemeral disc with FC SAN ?

THX a lot
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