[release] Release countdown for week R-1, April 1-5

Sean McGinnis sean.mcginnis at gmx.com
Thu Mar 28 16:37:09 UTC 2019

Hey everyone. We're getting close to the end of Stein. Please read through for
important release information as we get close to wrapping this cycle up.

Development Focus

Teams should be working on release critical bugs in preparation of the final
release candidate deadline this Thursday the 4th.

Teams attending the PTG should also be preparing for those discussions and
capturing information in the etherpads:


General Information

Thursday, April 4th is the deadline for final Stein release candidates as well
as any last cycle-with-intermediary deliverables. We will then enter a quiet
period until we tag the final release on April 10


Watch for any translation patches coming through and merge them quickly. If
your project has a stable/stein branch created, please make sure critical
bugfix patches are also getting merged there. (Do not backport the translations
from master)

Liaisons for projects with independent deliverables should import the release
history by preparing patches to openstack/releases.

Projects following the cycle-trailing model should be getting ready for the
cycle-trailing final deadline coming up on July 11.

Please drop by #openstack-release with any questions or concerns about the
upcoming release.

Upcoming Deadlines & Dates

Final RC deadline: April 1
Final Stein release: April 10

Sean McGinnis (smcginnis)

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