[Vitrage] Problem when execute mistral with get_atrr() function

hoanq13 at viettel.com.vn hoanq13 at viettel.com.vn
Fri Mar 22 11:25:43 UTC 2019

I try doing use case with vitrage notification execute mistral but got a problem: 

In my use case, i try evacuate host with 2 instance "vm_1" and "vm_2" on it, when host have alarm -then evacuate instance: 

condition: nova_compute_down_on_host and host_contain_instance 

- action: 
action_type: execute_mistral 
workflow: evacuate_vm 
vm_name: get_attr(instance, name) 


I expect m istral workflow will then be: execute workflow 2 times with input: 

```vm_name: vm_1``` and ```vm_name: vm_2``` 

But i alway get : mistral execute that workflow 2 times with input: 

```vm_name: vm_1``` and ```vm_name: vm_1``` 

When i turn on debug log, to see the line "Function get_attr called with template_id..." follow 
" https://github.com/openstack/vitrage/blob/stable/queens/vitrage/evaluator/template_functions/v2/functions.py " 
I saw that line appear only one time! 
And after that scenario do-action, when i add another template with action "execute_mistral", all not work. 

I don't know it is bug or not? please help me 
(my vitrage in queens version) 

Best regards. 

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