[nova][qa] Does nova need to run the nv tempest-multinode-full job?

Matt Riedemann mriedemos at gmail.com
Fri Mar 22 03:16:59 UTC 2019

Nova runs the tempest-multinode-full job as non-voting for some reason:


I'm assuming we were running that job initially for live migration 
testing, but we get that with the voting nova-live-migration and 
nova-grenade-live-migration jobs.

The tempest-multinode-full job is essentially just the tempest-full job 
with 2 nodes. It doesn't run slow tests. But we have the tempest-slow 
job which is multinode and runs slow tests only.

So it seems we have a lot of overlap between the nova-*live-migration 
multinode jobs for live migration testing (and evacuate gets tested in 
the nova-live-migration job as well), the tempest-full single node job, 
the nova-next single-node job, the tempest-slow job and the non-voting 
tempest-multinode-slow job, so can we just drop that last one?

If someone were really ambitious they could do a diff of the tests that 
actually get run between say 
tempest-full/nova-live-migration/tempest-slow and tempest-multinode-full 
to see if we'd be missing any test coverage.




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