[cyborg][mistral][powervmstackers][storlets][telemetry][trove] Processing RC1 releases

Sean McGinnis sean.mcginnis at gmx.com
Thu Mar 21 20:47:25 UTC 2019

There has been great progress on the RC1 releases at this point, with ~11 hours
left until the end of the deadline. There have been a few where the PTL's or
release liaisons have indicated they are trying to get the last few patches
through before they update the hash in the proposed patches.

There are a few projects where we have not had a +1 indicating to go ahead or a
-1 to let us know to wait for an update. For these, we will be approving the
release patches tomorrow morning (March 22) since they will then be past the
RC1 deadline. The list of releases without a response are:

- cyborg

- mistral
- mistral-dashboard
- mistral-extra

- ceilometer-powervm
- networking-powervm
- nova-powervm

- storlets

- aodh
- panko

- trove
- trove-dashboard

If any owners of these know that things are ready to go, a +1 would be
appreciated to let us know to go ahead. Otherwise, this is just a notification
that RC1 and a stable/stein branch will be created for these once we are past
the deadline.

Just let us know if there are any questions, either here or in the
#openstack-releases channel.


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