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I like 3 but will settle for 2 to minimize work.

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I vote for option 2, without too much complexity

Lingxian Kong

On Tue, Mar 19, 2019 at 9:53 AM Jim Rollenhagen <jim at jimrollenhagen.com<mailto:jim at jimrollenhagen.com>> wrote:
Hi all,

With OpenDev needing to change git URLs for all projects, we have an
opportunity to change how we namespace projects that are currently under
the "openstack" namespace.[0]

I've heard a few options thrown out:

1) Keep everything the same. This is the easiest option for everybody, but
   keeps our current confusion of what is officially OpenStack, and what is

2) Move unofficial projects to "stackforge" or some other namespace, which is
   only a small amount of work to list the repositories, but probably a large
   amount of bikeshedding^Wdiscussion to come up with a name.

3) Do (2), but also namespace the OpenStack projects in a more fine-grained
   manner, by project team. For example: nova/nova, ironic/bifrost, etc.
   This is a larger chunk of work, but looks a bit nicer. Also makes it easier
   to move a project out of OpenStack later, as we don't have to move
   namespaces. This has an open question of whether we use one large namespace
   for unofficial projects, or give them each their own. It also has a downside
   of making more effort to move a repository between project teams, though
   I think that's fairly rare.

4) ??

I personally like (2) or (3), but would like to hear from the rest of the
community. I'll propose a governance resolution after the discussion here,
and we can follow from there with whatever else needs to be done.

// jim

[0] http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-discuss/2019-March/003603.html

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