[all][tc][goals] train cycle goals discussion

Mohammed Naser mnaser at vexxhost.com
Mon Mar 18 16:52:54 UTC 2019

Hi everyone,

I'd like us to schedule an ad-hoc meeting to discuss the cycle goals
in order to give enough time for developers to plan out their PTG.

We would love to have community members as well as potential goal
champions available to discuss, we'll be discussing these two reviews:


We've setup a Framedate poll to pick one of the upcoming office hours
to discuss this, please include your name so we can pick a time that
works best.


Thank you.

Mohammed Naser — vexxhost
D. 514-316-8872
D. 800-910-1726 ext. 200
E. mnaser at vexxhost.com
W. http://vexxhost.com

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