[neutron][dev] Pike Extended Maintenance coming soon

Bernard Cafarelli bcafarel at redhat.com
Mon Mar 18 16:03:42 UTC 2019

(shamelessly borrowed/inspired from nova mail)

Hi Neutrinos,

as mentioned in a similar nova email I shamelessly borrowed from, Pike
Extended Maintenance is coming soon.
Release page says 2019-03-03 but it will probably happen after the Stein
release (2019-04-10):


There were quite a few backports pushed to stable/pike in neutron since
last release, so we should probably do a final one (I have not checked yet
for neutron-lib and stadium projects).
The review queue is in a short/good shape right now:


Please be sure you get your backports proposed that you'd like to land in
the final Pike release. After Pike is put into extended maintenance,
there will be no more releases, but patches will still be accepted to the


(similar to what we did for Ocata release)

Bernard Cafarelli
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