[ptg][neutron] PTG planning

Miguel Lavalle miguel at mlavalle.com
Sat Mar 16 23:07:27 UTC 2019

Hi OpenStackers,

The Train cycle PTG , scheduled for May 2 - 4, is fast approaching. As a
consequence, I have started the following etherpad to kick off the
OpenStack Networking family of projects brainstorming on the topics we want
to discuss in Denver:


Please add your name at the top of the etherpad if you are attending the
PTG, along with your irc handle and whether you are attending the team
social event on the evening of May 3rd. Feel free to propose topics whether
you are attending or not the PTG. In either case, add your name and irc
handle next to the proposed topic, along with enough background information
so the discussion can start and move along. At this point, the format for
topics is completely free. As we get closer to the PTG date, we will
organize the topics in the format of an agenda.

Best regards

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