[requirements][FFE][ironic] Stein release freeze exception for Sushy

Matthew Thode mthode at mthode.org
Thu Mar 14 15:40:44 UTC 2019

On 19-03-14 10:37:49, Dmitry Tantsur wrote:
> Hi all,
> It came to our attention that rsd-lib is pinning sushy to 1.7.0 [1] because
> of the issue in the latest 1.8.0 release. This is causing troubles for
> packagers [2]. I'm proposing releasing 1.8.1 [3] to unblock them.
> Thanks,
> Dmitry
> [1] https://github.com/openstack/rsd-lib/commit/e3a061f4d2bf70e3a2f9411f810d328c065658f1
> [2] https://bugs.launchpad.net/python-rsdclient/+bug/1820032
> [3] https://review.openstack.org/#/c/643258/

If the tag for sushy 1.8.1 is cut on
88ef6fea392574e55dac7e74cfa4ecb66318deb4 (which looks to be the latest
commit on stable/stein, and the proposal is using).  I approve it.
Does any project need to update their requirements.txt or does the
requirements project need to update global-requirements.txt?
Those are the harder concerns.

Matthew Thode
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