[nova] instance breaks the affinity/anti-affinity of server group with force_hosts or force_nodes

Matt Riedemann mriedemos at gmail.com
Thu Mar 14 13:29:56 UTC 2019

On 3/14/2019 12:29 AM, Boxiang Zhu wrote:
> My openstack all-in-one environment is setup by devstack. I created a 
> server-group with anti-affinity policy.
> Then an instance was created with this server-group successfully with 
> command[1]. Another instance was also
> created with this server-group and with force_host successfully with 
> command[2]. But if I did not specify the
> force_host, the instance failed to create[3].
> I think the second instance had broken the anti-affinity server-group.
> So my question is that whether the result is within design scope or it 
> is a issue and needs to be discussed : )
> [1] nova boot <instance-name> --flavor <flavor> --image <image> 
> --availability-zone <az> --security-groups <sec-group> --nic 
> net-id=<net-id> --hint group=<server-group>
> [2] nova boot <instance-name> --flavor <flavor> --image <image> 
> --availability-zone <az>:<host> --security-groups <sec-group> --nic 
> net-id=<net-id> --hint group=<server-group>
> [3] nova boot <instance-name> --flavor <flavor> --image <image> 
> --availability-zone <az> --security-groups <sec-group> --nic 
> net-id=<net-id> --hint group=<server-group>

I assume [2] works because force_hosts is an administrative override 
during server create. Did you create [2] after [1]? Or concurrently? It 
does seem odd that [2] would pass the ServerGroupAntiAffinityFilter even 
with the forced host. Seems that should be a 409 or 400 type of case.

The behavior with [3] is what I would expect, but haven't dug into the 
code. Maybe the forced_host is overriding the requested server group?




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