[ptl][manila][election] Tom Barron manila PTL candidacy

Tom Barron tpb at dyncloud.net
Mon Mar 11 11:47:53 UTC 2019


I served as Manila PTL for Rocky and Stein and am willing and able to
take on that role in Train if you choose me.

I continue to be less interested in adding new features to Manila
itself than in improving its durability, ease of use, and

I will continue to get the message out that Manila is loosely coupled
with other OpenStack components and serves up storage via the network
rather than through hypervisors so that it is ideally positioned to
provide shared file storage both within and outside of OpenStack proper.

I will work to make sure that storage vendors understand that if they
maintain drivers for their back ends in Manila then this will at the
same time enable them to provide storage for OpenStack consumers and
also for Container Orchestrator clouds.

I will continue to champion development of "**production quality**"
100% open source storage back ends for Manila.

We have done a good job fostering new contributors and helping
outreachy intern applicants get started.  I want us to continue to be
known as a friendly project and a good place to work.

In Train we need to complete work already begun to:

 * build a manila CSI plugin

 * integrate manila into the OpenStack Client and SDK

 * integrate manila into OpenStack ansible and extend TripleO coverage
   to more storage back ends.

In addition, in the Train cycle I want the Manila project to take up
the challenge of shared storage as a service at the Edge.  We need to:

 * Articulate use cases for shared storage (vs block or object) at the

 * Drive common understanding of appropriate service architecture for

 * Position vendors and open source software defined back ends for
   Edge deployments using Manila.

These are the things that will drive me if you choose me as manila PTL.

Thanks for listening,

-- Tom Barron (tbarron)

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