[tc][all][sdk] Devs and feedback needed for 'Project Resource Cleanup' goal for Train cycle

Adrian Turjak adriant at catalyst.net.nz
Mon Mar 11 05:05:49 UTC 2019

Hello OpenStackers!

As has been mentioned a few times on the mailing list, one of the
current community goal proposals is a new library/tool for cleaning up
all the resources for a given project in an OpenStack cloud. For a long
time we've lacked something like this, and it has made cleaning up a
project and deleting it a pain, specifically because of the various
dependencies around resources.

The goal is now up for review: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/639010

The discussion right now is around the version originally proposed and
discussed at the last Summit, a plugin based solution with a central
library. We are also looking at an alternative which would be a single
library like the SDK, or potentially even including the deletion login
in the SDK itself, and the CLI part in the OpenStackClient.

In all likelihood the single library approach will end up chosen, and
I'll have a new written version of the goal up soon for that. If you
have feedback against that you should voice it now! Are there any
arguments for or against a plugin based solution we haven't heard yet?

Additionally we would like feedback (specifically from the SDK team) if
they think we should keep this as a standalone library that uses the
SDK, or make it part of the SDK.

We also need additional developers willing to contribute their time to
this goal. Ideally we want every service to have some say in the code to
clean up their resources, so I would highly suggest each new PTL works
with their team to see who wants to help us make sure they are
represented in this goal.

Let's actually make this goal a reality! Put your hand up for wanting to
contribute review time, and code!


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