[sdk][release][requirements] Request to release newer version of openstacksdk for Stein Cycle

Monty Taylor mordred at inaugust.com
Sun Mar 10 22:18:11 UTC 2019

On 3/10/19 5:42 PM, Matthew Thode wrote:
> On 19-03-10 11:31:39, Doug Hellmann wrote:
>> "Patil, Tushar" <Tushar.Patil at nttdata.com> writes:
>>> Hi SDK team,
>>> I  have requested a release of openstacksdk which includes changes to the instance-ha service to get the recovery workflow details of the notification.
>>> Kindly consider our request on behalf of Masakari team to release a newer version of openstacksdk so that we can use this newer version in masakari-dashboard [1] to render the recovery workflow details on the notification screen.
>>> Thank you in advance for your cooperation.
>>> [1] : https://review.openstack.org/#/c/640755/
>>> Regards,
>>> Tushar Patil
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>> We are past the freeze dates for libraries, so we will need a feature
>> freeze exception in order to update the required version of the library
>> used in CI. I have tagged this thread with [release] and [requirements]
>> to alert the teams that need to give that permission.
> This sounds like a upper-constraints.txt change for requirements and a
> requirements.txt change for masakari-dashboard.  Are there any other
> projects that would need to use the new version as well (and therefor
> also require new releases)?
> https://github.com/openstack/openstacksdk/compare/0.25.0...1066c9385fec669a2fc71c5fb59f84743dbf2734
> looks ok as far as the changeset goes.

Hold up - I think we need to do something before this moves forward 
(although I'm certainly fine with releasing the fix needed by masakari - 
and sorry we missed that patch before release - I think I missed that it 
was release critical)

There is a patch that landed just before the masakari patch that I *NOT* 
think we should slam in to a point release - as it's a big change. (it's 
a good one - I just don't want to do that at the last minute) That is 
patch c9b60f2b8634c7f8c4254e158cc921202538db04

So what I propose we do is revert 
c9b60f2b8634c7f8c4254e158cc921202538db04 - [0] - then cut an 0.26.0 for 
masakari with the resulting state for stein, then we can re-revert the 
TaskManager patch [1] as essentially the first thing for train.

Sound ok?

[0] https://review.openstack.org/642298 Revert "Replace TaskManager with 
a keystoneauth concurrency"
[1] https://review.openstack.org/642299 Revert "Revert "Replace 
TaskManager with a keystoneauth concurrency""

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