Chris Hoge chris at openstack.org
Thu Mar 7 23:01:10 UTC 2019

I am announcing my candidacy for Loci PTL. I stepped in as interim PTL during
the previous cycle and was a member of the founding core team. Loci is a
project for packaging OpenStack projects into lightweight Docker images. It's
currently being used in OpenStack-Helm and StarlingX. We have a small team, a
stable project, and low velocity, but still have a number of objectives to
work towards in the next cycle. My agenda as PTL will include:

* Adopting stable branches. There are enough recent dependency changes that
  require us to reevaulate our stance on stable branching.
* Improving testing. Currently the only thing Loci tests are builds without any
  functional or integration testing. We will look at ways to run project tests
  and Tempest integrated tests against a small single node deployment[1] of
  OpenStack with Loci.

I will also continue to encourage adoption of Loci and support use cases in
container-based OpenStack deployments.

Thank you for support, and if elected I look forward to representing the Loci
team and the OpenStack community in the coming months.

-Chris Hoge (hogepodge)

[1] this, for example https://github.com/hogepodge/locistack

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