[qa][ptl][election] Quality Assurance PTL Candidacy for Train

Ghanshyam Mann gmann at ghanshyammann.com
Thu Mar 7 03:55:59 UTC 2019

Hi Everyone,

I would like to announce my candidacy for Quality Assurance PTL role for Train cycle.

It was a great experience while serving QA PTL for the last two cycles. As QA team, we are keeping
our pace of providing and maintaining the tooling for upstream stability. Though we have only few active
resources in QA compare to the previous cycle, but I really appreciate the people who are still doing the 
QA contribution even in small extent. Upstream is not their first job in their organization now, but they do
review, feedback which is really helpful.  

In Stein Cycle, we planned fewer items as compared to any previous cycle. Main focus or theme in Stein was
to improve the document, stability and best practice for plugins, Stability of CLIs, Patrole Stable release.

Many of the items are still in progress, and the team is trying their best to provide the more stable interfaces,
and so does a stable gate. Another part we did in Stein is to migrating the gate jobs to Bionic, zuulv3 jobs are
done, and legacy jobs are in progress. 

Overall it was a good cycle for QA, where we kept our flag high for any help required from any project side.
But there are few things which I feel we should finish soon to make QA life little easy,

- Stabilize the Tempest Plugins with correctly using stable interfaces. Few of such improvements are already
in progress. In addition, few of ideas are:
  - service_availabiilty option setting and its usage. [bug# 1743688]
  - stable interface from plugins for cross project testing
  - CI/CD setup for all plugins doing for stable branches also
  - improvement in installation and setup of plugins by adding the dependent plugin in requirement.txt

- Start RBAC testing via Patrole jobs on the project side gate.

- Update and centralize the QA release process responsibilities and other todo tasks like distro migration etc. 
We do have release todo in wiki which we need to update as a more streamlined way or if we can automate
few of them, 

- Encourage and mentor new contributors for QA contribution. This can be a good start for new contributors
   To learn about the projects. Starting from testing is always the first best place to learn about any software.

All the momentum and activities rolling are motivating me to continue another term as QA PTL to explore and
showcase more challenges.  

Thanks for reading and consideration my candidacy for Train cycle.


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