[oslo][ptl][election] PTL Candidacy

Ben Nemec openstack at nemebean.com
Wed Mar 6 22:42:12 UTC 2019

I'm not putting my name in the subject because Oslo is all about 
reducing duplication and I'm quite certain every reasonable mail client 
already displays my name near the subject anyway. :-P

Anyway, here's what I submitted to the election repo[0]:

I am running for Oslo PTL in the Train cycle. I have been Oslo PTL for 
around a year now, and in that time we've been able to address a number 
of longstanding user requests, such as the removal of plaintext secrets 
from config files and a validator for config files.

However, that doesn't mean our job is done. Here are some things I want 
to focus on for the next cycle:

* Mentor new contributors. In the past cycle we had a number of our most 
experienced contributors pulled away to other projects, either in part 
or in total. The good news is we have some newer contributors who I 
believe can step in to fill those gaps. We need to make sure to help 
them along as much as possible.

* Support cycle goals. In Stein we were able to add an Oslo library to 
make the goal implementation easier for all of the other OpenStack 
projects. We should continue to look for such opportunities with the new 
cycle goals for Train.

* Storyboard migration. We've been discussing this pretty much since I 
became PTL, and I know some progress was made in Stein toward addressing 
some of my concerns with this. I think this is likely to be the cycle 
where we can go ahead with the move.

* oslo.limit. I still very much want this to be a thing and will do 
whatever I can to help make it happen.

I think that's it for now, but as always I am open to suggestions on 
things Oslo can do to make everyone's life easier.



0: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/641503/

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