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> Hi 
> Please help me understand  openstack networking. 
> My understanding: -
> We have three type of virtual network in neutron. 
> 1.flat
> 2. Vlan
> 3. Vxlan/gre

There is also type „local” but it can be used only e.g. in all-in-one devstack as it’s limited to one host only.

> Based on the above type wat are the different ways we can create private and public network. 
> Private network only for internal ip of instance. 
> Public network will create submit and use as floating ip. 
> We can either assign public up network from network provider  or can use ip address which has internet. 

Here is great explanation of different types of networks in neutron

> Please give example for each case. 
> Regards, 
> Dhan. 

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