[baremetal-sig][ironic] Bare metal logo program

Chris Hoge chris at openstack.org
Mon Mar 4 21:38:39 UTC 2019


We're looking at launching a new bare metal logo program, and we'd like
some feedback from the baremetal-sig on how it's implemented and if
there's interest in participating in it. This is an early draft of the
proposal for community community feedback, and isn't our final plan.

This program has several goals. Raising awareness of Ironic as it's being
used in production is one of them. This will highlight how Ironic is
being used and also serve as a introduction to organizations that are
considering tools to manage their bare metal infrastructure. This will
also help to help to change the mind-set from OpenStack being a
virtualization-focused platform to being a general infrastructure
management platform. Ironic is an excellent example of OpenStack software
being applicable across a variety of different use cases, like container
infrastructure, high-performance computing, and network functions.

At a high level anyone in the community who is using Ironic for managing
bare-metal services would qualify for it. This would cover a variety of
cases, including but not limited to: 

* Distributions that ship Ironic.
* Deployment tools and private clouds that use Ironic to manage servers.
* Public clouds that resell bare-metal clouds.
* Any private cloud that is using Ironic to manage their bare metal
  infrastructure, whether end-user facing or not.  
* Really, any production use of Ironic in any form.

As part of the program we will have a bare-metal landing page that links
out to the white paper, other documents related to Ironic, participants
in the logo program, and links to case studies provided by the
participants. The Foundation will also promote how participants in the
program are using Ironic through their provided case studies through our
various channels. Any vendor who has a marketplace listing will have
the bare metal logo applied to that listing.

Our major two requirements for participation are that:

* You're actually using Ironic or providing software or services based on Ironic.
* You provide a relatively short (500-1000 word) use case describing a
  real-world application (we'd prefer that it not just be a marketing
  brochure, but something that really highlights how Ironic is being used
  in production).

We would also like for this content to be built into the
white paper, as we've seen a demand for case studies in previous

If we go forward with the program we plan to launch at the upcoming
Open Infrastructure Summit in Denver and highlight the early participants
in the program. As the year goes on we'll continue to promote Ironic
usage and will always welcome new participants.

There are two ways that you can help out right now. The first is just in
giving us feedback on this proposal. The second is for you to contact me
directly if you would like to be one of the founding participants in the

Thanks in advance to everyone for your feedback and participation!


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