[placement] Placement and Storyboard

Chris Dent cdent+os at anticdent.org
Mon Mar 4 15:18:10 UTC 2019

As discussed in today's scheduler meeting [1]:

Placement now has a home in Storyboard for all four of placement,
osc-placement, os-resource-classes and os-traits.


For the rest of Stein we will be using both existing launchpad
projects and storyboard for reporting and managing placement-related
bugs. The reason for the transition is simply to not surprise anyone
nor lose bugs while we are nearing a release.

In Train placement-related projects will solely use Storyboard for
bugs and feature tracking.

For the rest of Stein, placement developers should watch both places
for bugs. For remembering features or other work that is planned for
Train, make a story in Storyboard. Based on discussion we've had
thus far, "stories" seem the best choice for a replacement for

People who experience placement bugs and report them to launchpad,
that's okay. We'll notice and try to do our best to deal with them,
starting at least in Train, but maybe sooner, we may respond with
"could you please report this in Storyboard instead".

Note that because placement bugs lived in the nova project, there's
no way to "shut down" launchpad once we migrate to Storyboard. We
will need to be conscious of that for quite some time.

We'll all be learning to use Storyboard as we go, so there may be a
few hiccups. It's okay. We'll deal. As Ed pointed out in the meeting
"Be prepared for a "moving to git from svn" brain reshuffling. The
workflow is not 1:1 to launchpad"

Because of that I think that rather than hewing to a strict process
we should be aware of our intentions and be flexible. With luck our
general trend of "not that many bugs" (thus easy to manage) will

If you have questions, concerns, or suggestions for how to make it
all delightful, please share them.

/me knocks wood


[1] http://eavesdrop.openstack.org/meetings/nova_scheduler/2019/nova_scheduler.2019-03-04-14.00.log.html#l-52

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