[all][ops] Ops Meetup Agenda Planning - Berlin Edition

Frank Kloeker eumel at arcor.de
Sun Mar 3 22:26:10 UTC 2019


I've just realized that we have the ITB next week in town (International 
Travel Trade Show). That's the reason why most of the hotels are now 
sold out. If you are still looking for an accomodation, there are still 
some options around Berlin/Potsdam. Check public transport map to get 
the way to Messe Nord/ICC.
We expect many fair visitors in the morning, so it's a good idea to plan 
enough travel time. Registration desk on Dernburgstrasse will be open at 
08:00 AM.

kind regards


Am 2019-02-25 18:42, schrieb Chris Morgan:
> I'd like to echo Erik's plea, we have a rather short list of topics so
> far and an even shorter list of volunteer moderators. We'll try to put
> together an agenda this week but so far it looks like Erik and I will
> be moderating a lot of sessions. That can work but I'd rather see more
> diversity. Moderating a session is not scary, you do not need to be a
> domain expert on the topic, just alert to keeping the discussion going
> and letting everyone be heard etc etc.
> Chris
> On Sun, Feb 24, 2019 at 11:31 AM Erik McCormick
> <emccormick at cirrusseven.com> wrote:
>> Hello all,
>> This is a friendly reminder to get your session ideas in for the
>> Berlin Ops Meetup. Time grows short and the pickings are pretty slim
>> so far. See below for further details.
>> -Erik
>> On Fri, Feb 15, 2019, 11:05 AM Erik McCormick
>> <emccormick at cirrusseven.com> wrote:
>>> Hello All,
>>> The time is rapidly approaching for the Ops Meetup in Berlin. In
>>> preparation, we need your help developing the agenda. i put an
>>> [all]
>>> tag on this because I'm hoping that anyone, not just ops, looking
>>> for
>>> discussion and feedback on particular items might join in and
>>> suggest
>>> sessions.
>>> It is not required that you attend the meetup to post session
>>> ideas.
>>> If there is sufficient interest, we will hold the session and
>>> provide
>>> feedback and etherpad links following the meetup.
>>> Please insert your session ideas into this etherpad, add subtopics
>>> to
>>> already proposed sessions, and +1 those that you are interested
>>> in.
>>> Also please put your name, and maybe some contact info, at the
>>> bottom.
>>> If you'd be willing to moderate a session, please add yourself to
>>> the
>>> moderators list.
>>> https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/BER-ops-meetup
>>> I'd like to give a big shout out to Deutsche Telekom for hosting
>>> us
>>> and providing the catering. I look forward to seeing many of you
>>> in
>>> Berlin!
>>> Cheers,
>>> Erik
> --
> Chris Morgan <mihalis68 at gmail.com>

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