[sahara][heat][qa][murano] Heat integration tests run by Grenade

Luigi Toscano ltoscano at redhat.com
Fri Mar 1 15:33:40 UTC 2019


Heat is a requirement for Sahara, which means that the Heat plugin for 
DevStack and Grenade are enabled in the is enabled in the Sahara DevStack and 
Grenade jobs respectively.

I noticed that the Grenade plugin for Heat unconditionally runs few tests both 
after the deployment of the base environment and after the upgrade phase.
While I understand that the Heat team want to always run them when Heat is 
tested, I would argue that whenever Heat is deployed as requirement by other 
projects (for example, Sahara :) it should be possible to disable those tests. 
This way the execution time of the Grenade job would be shortened by ~20 
minutes, from 1h30m to 1h10m.

This change should benefit also the other projects which depend on Heat. 
Howoever, even if the change was implemented now, its effects would not be 
noticeable immediately, because it seems to be just one additional project 
which both a) depends on Heat and b) provides a Grenade plugin. That project 
is Murano, which, on the other hand, it does not enable the Heat plugin for 
Grenade in its Grenade job. I think that this should be fixed, otherwise 
(IMHO) the upgrade test is not really complete IMHO, but that's a different 
story (hence the [murano] tag in this email).

So my question for the Heat team is: can I propose an Heat patch which allows 
users to disable the Heat integration tests executed by Grenade? The default 
behavior will be unchanged.


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