[kolla] [ceph] Ceph using cluster network for replication

vladimir franciz blando vladimir.blando at gmail.com
Sat Jun 29 15:30:41 UTC 2019


In my globals.yml file
cluster_interface: "bond1"

but after deployment, there's nothing on the ceph.conf file that indicates
that it's using the cluster interface
# docker exec ceph_mon cat /etc/ceph/ceph.conf
log file = /var/log/kolla/ceph/$cluster-$name.log
log to syslog = false
err to syslog = false
log to stderr = false
err to stderr = false
fsid = f8ff1404-bead-422b-9076-21583012ad30
mon initial members =,,
mon host =,,
mon addr =,,
auth cluster required = cephx
auth service required = cephx
auth client required = cephx
setuser match path = /var/lib/ceph/$type/$cluster-$id

mon compact on start = true
mon cluster log file = /var/log/kolla/ceph/$cluster.log
I was expecting
cluster network = <cluster_network_cidr>.

I even tried making a custom config (/etc/kolla/config/ceph/ceph.conf)
which includes the
cluster network = <cluster_network_cidr>
public network = <public_network_cidr>

and run "kolla-ansible -i multinode reconfigure"

but it did nothing, was there something missing on what I did?

- Vlad
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