[infra] Stepping down as infra-root

Paul Belanger pabelanger at redhat.com
Fri Jun 28 15:24:48 UTC 2019


10 months ago my role at Red Hat changed, which saw my day to day job
move away from OpenStack, specifically the Infrastructure team. Since
then, I've be contributing to OpenStack in my spare time however it
isn't going as well I as would like.  Unfortunately, there is never
enough time in the day to do everything and as a result I believe it is
best for me to step day, and remove myself as infra-root:


In the 7 years I've been contributing to the infra team, I've learned a
great many things (and still learning). Thank you to all the awesome
humans, past and present, for making my day to day much better.

To the community, I do ask if you are at all interested in how the
infrastructure works / operates, reach out to the #openstack-infra
channel and get involved. I refer you to the help wanted list:



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