performance issue with opendev gitea interface.

James E. Blair corvus at
Thu Jun 27 23:12:19 UTC 2019

"Clark Boylan" <cboylan at> writes:

> I do wonder if our replication of refs/changes and refs/notes has
> impacted gitea in a bad way. I don't have any data to support that yet
> other than it seemed gitea was quicker with our big repos in the past
> and that is the only major change we've made to gitea. We have
> upgraded gitea a few times so it may also just be a regression in the
> service.

It certainly did when we made the initial replication, but then we
repacked the repos to get packed-refs, which dramatically improved
things.  However, my gut still says that the number of refs may still be
having an impact (even though we no longer need to open a file for each
ref).  But it could also be the number of commits in the repo, or how
deep into the history Gitea has to go to display the latest commit for
each file.

As Clark suggested, this is something that someone can test locally
fairly easily just by running gitea with docker-compose and mirroring
the nova repo into it (without refs, and then with packed-refs).

Gitea is the vanguard of our updated config management.  For all the
folks who have been hesitant to help out with the infrastructure effort
because it was a complex web of puppet which was impossible to reproduce
locally -- this is the opposite.  It is extremely reproducible,
containerized, automated, and tested end-to-end.  Also, really rather
fun.  Please pitch in if you can.  :)


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