[heat] Resource replacement terminates at DELETE_COMPLETE

Erik McCormick emccormick at cirrusseven.com
Sat Jun 22 15:30:04 UTC 2019

HI everyone!

I have a situation with a heat stack where it has an Octavia Load Balancer
resource which it thinks it's already replaced and so will not recreate it.

Resource api_lb with id 3978 already replaced by 3999; not checking check

It goes to a DELETE_COMPLETED state and just sits there. The stack stays
UPDATE_IN_PROGRESS and nothing else moves. It doesn't even time out after 4

Doing a stack check puts everytinng as CHECK_COMPLETE, even the
non-existent load balancers. I can mark the LB and its components unhealthy
and start another update, but this just repeats the cycle.

This all started with some Octavia shenanigans which ended with all the
load balancers being deleted manually. I have 2 similar stacks which
recreated fine, but this one went through the cycle several other times as
we were trying to fix the LB problem. This is a super edge case, but
hopefully someone has another idea how to get out of it.

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