Comparative analysis of openstack and Cloudstack

Dhairyasheel Ghadge ghadge.dhairya23 at
Sat Jun 15 16:25:24 UTC 2019

Hello all!!!

I have been exploring the cloudstack cloud platform while comparing it
with the openstack cloud platform.
I am a little skeptical about which solution to use as our cloud
platform between cloudstack and OpenStack.
Following are the difficulties I am facing which comparing these two solutions.

1.) OpenStack has HEAT as the component for orchestration of
application VM's deployed and the cloud setup services as well. Is
there any orchestration feature in cloudstack which provides an
autscaling feature for the application deployed in it?

2.) OpenStack has TROVE for DBaaS which takes care of the entire
lifecycle of the database service which includes deployment,
configuration, replication, failover, backup, patching, restores.
Is there any similar service in cloudstack for providing DBaaS?

3.) Cloudstack documentation says that it has orchestration feature
for its applications, but couldn't find any details regarding the

Also, for big data Hadoop clusters provisioning, SAHARA component is
used in OpenStack. What does this sahara feature provides and is it
useful for big data applications?
This is feature is not there in cloudstack.
What is the importance of serverless functionality feature "Qinling"
in openstack which is not there in cloudstack

Are there any points of Openstack which completely outshines itself
from cloudstack?

Dhairyasheel Ghadge

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