Nova scheduler -- which compute node?

Ken D'Ambrosio ken at
Fri Jun 14 20:04:22 UTC 2019

Hey, all.  First things first: we're running Juno.  Yeah, it's ancient, 
and we've got Queens on-deck, but it's Juno.  Anyway, to my question: 
how can you tell which compute node is *actually getting* the VM 
request, shy of logging into them and looking?  For example, on the Nova 
node, you can see the nova-scheduler.log file talk about which hosts are 
weighted how, but it doesn't seem as if it actually comes out and says 
which host it's trying to give the VM to.  Am I missing something?  (I'd 
happily supply log snippets, but I figure this is a fairly general 
question, and didn't want to paste 1.7 TB of random, possibly-relevant 



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