[Nova][Ironic] Reset Configurations in Baremetals Post Provisioning

Kumari, Madhuri madhuri.kumari at intel.com
Fri Jun 14 10:16:59 UTC 2019

Hi Eric,

Thank you for following up and the notes.

The spec[4] is related but a complex one too with all the migration implementation. So I will try to put a new spec with a limited implementation of resize.


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>>We discussed this today in the nova meeting [1] with a little bit of followup
>>in the main channel after the meeting closed [2].
>>There seems to be general support (or at least not objection) for
>>implementing "resize" for ironic, limited to:
>>- same host [3]
>>- just this feature (i.e. "hyperthreading") or possibly "anything deploy
>>And the consensus was that it's time to put this into a spec.
>>There was a rocky spec [4] that has some overlap and could be repurposed;
>>or a new one could be introduced.
>>[3] an acknowledged wrinkle here was that we need to be able to detect at
>>the API level that we're dealing with an Ironic instance, and ignore the
>>allow_resize_to_same_host option (because always forcing same host) [4]

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