[nova][ops] What should the compute service delete behavior be wrt resource providers with allocations?

Eric Fried openstack at fried.cc
Wed Jun 12 22:36:20 UTC 2019

> 2. Change delete_resource_provider cascade=True logic to remove all
> allocations for the provider before deleting it, i.e. for
> not-yet-complete migrations and evacuated instances. For the evacuated
> instance allocations this is likely OK since restarting the source
> compute service is going to do that cleanup anyway. Also, if you delete
> the source compute service during a migration, confirming or reverting
> the resize later will likely fail since we'd be casting to something
> that is gone (and we'd orphan those allocations). Maybe we need a
> functional recreate test for the unconfirmed migration scenario before
> deciding on this?

This seems like a win to me.

If we can distinguish between the migratey ones and the evacuatey ones,
maybe we fail on the former (forcing them to wait for completion) and
automatically delete the latter (which is almost always okay for the
reasons you state; and recoverable via heal if it's not okay for some


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