Cinder Ceph backup concurrency

Cory Hawkless Cory at
Sat Jun 8 07:10:40 UTC 2019

I'm using Rocky and Cinders built in Ceph backup driver which is working ok but I'd like to limit each instance of the backup agent to X number of concurrent backups.
For example, if I(Or a tenant) trigger a backup to run on 20 volumes, the cinder-0backuip agent promptly starts the process of backup up all 20 volumes simultaneously and while this works ok it has the downside of over saturating links, causing high IO on the disks etc.

Ideally I'd like to have each cinder-backup agent limited to running X(Perhaps 5) backups jobs at any one time and the remaining jobs will be 'queued' until an agent has less than X jobs remaining.

Is this possible at all?
Based on my understanding the Cinder scheduler services handles the allocation and distribution of the backup tasks, is that correct?

Thanks in advance
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