[tc][kolla][kayobe] Feedback request: kayobe seeking official status

Mark Goddard mark at stackhpc.com
Wed Jun 5 09:11:14 UTC 2019


The Kayobe project [1] seeks to become an official OpenStack project
during the Train cycle.

Kayobe is a deployment tool that uses Kolla Ansible and Bifrost to
deploy a containerised OpenStack control plane to bare metal. The
project was started 2 years ago to fill in some gaps in Kolla Ansible,
and has since been used for a number of production deployments. It's
frequently deployed in Scientific Computing environments, but is not
limited to this. We ran a packed workshop on Kayobe at the Denver
summit and got some great feedback, with many people agreeing that it
makes Kolla Ansible easier to adopt in environments with no existing
provisioning system. We use OpenStack development workflows, including
IRC, the mailing list, opendev, zuul, etc.

We see two options for becoming an official OpenStack project:

1. become a deliverable of the Kolla project
2. become an official top level OpenStack project

Given the affinity with the Kolla project I feel that option 1 seems
natural. However, I do not want to use influence as PTL to force this

There is currently only one person (me) who is a member of both core
teams, although all kayobe cores are active in the Kolla community. I
would not expect core memberships to change, although we would
probably end up combining IRC channels, meetings and design sessions.
I would hope that combining these communities would be to the benefit
of both.

Please provide feedback on this matter - whether positive or negative.


[1] http://kayobe.readthedocs.io

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