[neutron] bug deputy report (week of May 27)

Akihiro Motoki amotoki at gmail.com
Tue Jun 4 04:00:03 UTC 2019

Hi neutrinos,

I was a neutron bug deputy last week (which covered from May 26 to Jun 2).
Here is the bug deputy report from me.

Last week was relatively quiet, but we got a couple of bugs on performance.
Two of them seems related to RBAC mechanism and they are worth got
attentions from the team.

Get external networks too slowly because it would join subnet and rbac
Medium, New, loadimpact

Security groups RBAC cause a major performance degradation
High, New, loadimpact
Needs attentions
amotoki is looking into it but more eyes would be appreciated.

Improper close connection to database leading to mysql/mariadb block connection
Undecided, New
This looks like a generic issue related to oslo.db, but it is better
to get attentions in neutron side too as it happens in neutron.

Debug neutron-tempest-plugin-dvr-multinode-scenario failures
High, Confirmed, assigned to mlavalle

Best Regards
Akihiro Motoki (irc: amotoki)

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