[swift] Shanghai PTG attendance and etherpad

tim at swiftstack.com tim at swiftstack.com
Wed Jul 31 18:57:23 UTC 2019

你好! Most teams sent out emails two or three weeks ago with etherpads
to start estimating headcount and coming up with discussion topics. I
was a little slow, but here's Swift's:


We're thinking of doing something a little different from our previous
PTGs and hackathons and want to offer a kind of extended onboarding
session. If you're new to Swift, this is a great opportunity to learn
more about

- how Swift works,
- how to write applications against Swift,
- how to deploy and operate your own Swift cluster, or
- how to do upstream development for Swift.

Interested? We'd love to hear from you and meet you! If there are any
other aspects of Swift you'd like to learn about or dive deeper on,
feel free to add them! I'll try to develop some materials based on
people's level of interest so it won't all be off-the-cuff :-)

Of course, there will also be more-traditional design discussions going
on. (I don't think I could stop this if I tried -- it seems *any time*
there are three or more Swift contributors around, there are going to
be design discussions happening!) If you know you want to talk about
some upcoming features or other work, please update the Development
Topics at the bottom.



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