[loci][openstack-helm][tc] Proposal to fold Loci into OpenStack-Helm

Thierry Carrez thierry at openstack.org
Wed Jul 31 08:18:42 UTC 2019

Chris Hoge wrote:
> In the interest of consolidating workload, I'm proposing that we roll the
> Loci project under the governance of OpenStack Helm. Loci is a fairly
> low-bandwidth project, with the primary consumer of it being OpenStack
> Helm. By rolling Loci into OSH, we will be able focus shared efforts and
> increase review velocity for the Loci project.
> The architecture of OpenStack Helm allows it to be container build-system
> agnostic, and similarly the architecture of Loci allows it to be
> deployment tooling agnostic. Neither of these goals will change, as there
> are users of both projects that aren't using the other.  However, as they
> are the largest consumers for each other's work, this is a natural
> pairing and both project stand to benefit from a tighter governance
> coupling. We already share a good proportion of the development team and
> frequently plan PTG sessions to allow for collaboration.

That sounds like a good idea, as long as we preserve the agnosticism on 
both sides. It might require an OSH team mission update to reflect that.

Thierry Carrez (ttx)

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