[cinder][ceph][RBD mirroring] Error while creating a mirrored volume

Ajitha Robert ajitharobert01 at gmail.com
Fri Jul 26 07:14:47 UTC 2019

Hi all

Following picture shows my setup
[image: image.png]

I m facing following error when i issue a command to  enable rbd mirroring
on a particular image either manually or through cinder.

*"rbd::mirror::InstanceWatcher: C_NotifyInstanceRequest: 0x7fb364025310
finish: resending after timeout"* in rbd-mirroring.log

and getting  *"failed to get omap key:
client_0921b3ce-716a-4462-b3cf-86b5102bfd9"* error in osd.log.

. Should I enable anything else apart from timeout parametes, if the
distance between the two ceph clusters is greater than 300km?

when I create a bootable volume of 100 GB with a glance image.Image get
downloaded and from cinder, volume log throws with "volume is busy deleting
volume that has snapshot" . Image was enabled with exclusive lock,
journaling, layering, object-map, fast-diff and deep-flatten
Cinder volume is in error state but the rbd image is created in primary but
not in secondary.

pls check the logs

1)Log for manual rbd image creation


2)Log for 16gb volume created from cinder, status in cinder volume is


3)Log for 100gb volume created from cinder, status in cinder volume is error



*Regards,Ajitha R*
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