[openstack-ansible] weekly update

Mohammed Naser mnaser at vexxhost.com
Fri Jul 26 13:37:40 UTC 2019

Hi everyone,

I'm going to try doing these more often to keep everyone updated on
the current state of openstack-ansible (mostly around what is
discussed during our office hours / meetings).

- Dmitriy has been working on removing unused code in playbooks,
mostly around logs as we move to 100% systemd-journald.
- We're discussing the proposal to remove os-log-dir-setup.yml, as
well as rsyslog_client and rsyslog_server roles as they aren’t used
anymore with the move to systemd-journald
- We're also discussing removing all the complex bind mounts, which
would clean it and simplify the code base.
- Our continuous integration has been stable but needs upgrade jobs
and increased coverage.  Our coverage would go up significantly by
running aio_lxc for all supported systems.
- Jonathan's work on binding to management IPs is making progress (and
seems to be at the Galera stage).
- CentOS CI has been very slow and nobody knows why.  It seems to be
something we've regressed at some point.
- A unicast flood issue affecting deployments using linuxbridge that
happened inside os-vif needs to be patched.  It's still pending os-vif
to patch.
- Namrata mentioned an issue during the upgrade from Rocky to Stein
(when upgrading WSREP SST method from xtrabackup-V2 to mariabackup)
that will have to be fixed is Stein.  That's something that's in
progress now.

Thanks everyone for reading!


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