[tripleo] TripleO CI Summary: Sprint 33

Rafael Folco rfolco at redhat.com
Mon Jul 22 19:07:55 UTC 2019


The TripleO CI team has just completed Sprint 33 / Unified Sprint 12 (Jun 27
thru Jul 17).  The following is a summary of completed work during this
sprint cycle:


   Tested check jobs for periodic image/container builds on RHEL8 and
   resolved its dependencies on rhui repositories.

   Enabled tripleo-repos to support RHEL8.

   Addressed changes in kolla to support RHEL8.

   Created a nodepool image on RDO for RHEL8 w/ elements and dependencies

   Improved container build script to consolidate kolla build logs and ease

   Manually pushed rhel containers to RDO registry and identified gaps in
   authentication workflow for the container build jobs using buildah tooling.

   Modified scripts and post playbooks to upload RHEL8 overcloud images.

   Created RHEL8 jobs to build a periodic pipeline in the RDO Software
   Factory and provide feedback for CentOS8 coverage.

   Resumed scenario007 and featureset039 job updates upstream.

   Promotion status: green on all branches at most of the sprint.

The planned work for the next sprint [1] are:


   Get RDO on RHEL8 build jobs working in periodic pipeline and bootstrap
   standalone and featureset001 jobs to consume RHEL8 images/containers.

   Get featureset039 job to run novajoin tests and merge scenario007 job

   Review templates for branched and non-branched projects to have more
   control on what jobs are being run and reduce queue lengths.

   Resume the design work for a staging environment to test changes in the
   promoter server for the multi-arch builds.

The Ruck and Rover for this sprint are Marios Andreou (marios) and Rafael
Folco (rfolco). Please direct questions or queries to them regarding CI
status or issues in #tripleo, ideally to whomever has the ‘|ruck’ suffix on
their nick. Ruck/rover notes are being tracked in etherpad [2].



[2] https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/ruckroversprint13
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