[Octavia]-Seeking performance numbers on Octavia

Jeremy Stanley fungi at yuggoth.org
Fri Jul 19 22:29:55 UTC 2019

On 2019-07-19 14:59:38 -0700 (-0700), Michael Johnson wrote:
> In our OpenDev testing environment, we only have software
> emulation virtual machines available (Qemu running with the TCG
> engine) which performs extremely poorly. This means that the
> testing environment does not reflect how the software is used in
> real world deployments. An example of this is simply booting a VM
> can take up to ten minutes on Qemu with TCG when it takes about
> twenty seconds on a real OpenStack deployment.
> With this resource limitation, we cannot effectively run
> performance benchmarking test jobs on the OpenDev environment.

And even if we did have ubiquitous support for nested virtual
machine acceleration across our providers, it still wouldn't provide
a useful baseline because at least:

1. The hardware and software/hypervisors in the different donated
environments (and even within some of them) vary significantly.

2. Most of these environments are in public service providers with
mixed populations, and so many runs will be scheduled onto hosts
with "noisy neighbor" situations leading to anomalous resource

3. At peak load times, our job nodes may act as noisy neighbors to
each other (especially in environments where we have dedicated host
aggregates), leading to slower performance.

We've optimized for test throughput, to make maximal use of the
donations provided to us. Without carving out and dedicating
environments with predictable performance characteristics,
benchmarking is really a non-starter. However, it's also not
something which needs to be run continuously, so can be done in an
ad hoc fashion by interested individuals and the results published
independently for comparison (as is often the case for other similar
sorts of projects).
Jeremy Stanley
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