[Octavia]-Seeking performance numbers on Octavia

Singh, Prabhjit Prabhjit.Singh22 at T-Mobile.com
Fri Jul 19 03:30:35 UTC 2019


I have been trying to test Octavia with some traffic generators and my tests are inconclusive. Appreciate your inputs on the following

  *   It would be really nice to have some performance numbers that you guys have been able to achieve for this to be termed as carrier grade.
  *   Would also appreciate if you could share any inputs on performance tuning Octavia
  *   Any recommended flavor sizes for spinning up Amphorae, the default size of 1 core, 2 Gb disk and 1 Gig RAM does not seem enough.
  *   Also I noticed when the Amphorae are spun up, at one time only one master is talking to the backend servers and has one IP that its using, it has to run out of ports after 64000 TCP concurrent sessions, id there a way to add more IPs or is this the limitation
  *   If I needed some help with Octavia and some guidance around performance tuning can someone from the community help

Thanks & Regards

Prabhjit Singh

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