[docs][tc][infra] what to do with developer.openstack.org and api-site?

Andreas Jaeger aj at suse.com
Tue Jul 16 14:17:40 UTC 2019

>From the feedback so far, let me refine the proposal:
* Move OpenStack API-Guide to openstack-manuals repo and publish to docs.o.o
* Kill "Writing Your First OpenStack Application" document
* Publish all in-tree api-references and api-guides on
docs.openstack.org instead of developer.o.o
* List SDKs and CLIs on the software page
* Add redirects on developer.openstack.org for moved documents
* Once the above is all done, kill api-site (or leave it up for some
time in frozen state with redirects).

I can take care of most steps (exception is software page - this is for
Thierry, correct?),

 Andreas Jaeger aj at suse.com Twitter: jaegerandi
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