[tc][ptl][infra] Resolution: Mandatory Repository Retirement

Jeremy Stanley fungi at yuggoth.org
Sun Jul 14 22:34:13 UTC 2019

When an effort ceases to be an official part (deliverable) of
OpenStack with the intent to continue development outside
OpenStack's technical governance, the maintainers of that codebase
may end up later abandoning it or making other choices at odds with
OpenStack policies with no clear indication to consumers. Some folks
may have been using it when it was still part of OpenStack, and so
may continue to have expectations which are no longer in sync with
reality. To solve this, a resolution has been proposed asserting
that software which is removed from OpenStack's technical governance
in the future can only be continued as a fork, so that its original
Git repository in the "openstack" namespace on OpenDev can be
retired with a clear message letting consumers of that source code
know what has happened and where it has gone. Some breathing room is
allowed, as the initial draft includes measures to allow any
deliverable repositories which move out of OpenStack prior to the
end of the current development cycle (Train) to be renamed into new
OpenDev namespaces with a redirect before the new policy goes into

The text of the proposed resolution can be found here:


Please follow up on the above review with any comments/concerns, or
you can express them as a reply to this ML thread, or in private to
me or any other TC members. Thanks for reading!
Jeremy Stanley
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