[glance] Train: Milestone 2 review priorities

Abhishek Kekane akekane at redhat.com
Thu Jul 11 15:04:18 UTC 2019

Dear Reviewers/Developers,

Train milestone two is just two weeks away from now.
I have created one etherpad [1] which lists the priority patches for
glance, glance_store, python-glanceclient and glance-specs which will be
good to have merged before Train 2 milestone.

Feel free to add if you think any patch which I have missed is good to have
during this milestone 2. Request all reviewers to review these patches so
that we can have smooth milestone 2 release.

Highlight of this milestone 2 release is that we are planning to roll out
glance-store version 1.0 which will officially mark the multiple-stores
feature of glance as a stable feature,

[1] https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/Glance-Train-MileStone-2-Release-Plan

Thanks & Best Regards,

Abhishek Kekane
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